"Change We Can Believe In" or "More Of The Same Old Bullshit"?

You do the math.

9/21/08 Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential Nominee and self-admitted "Agent Of Change", responded in an interview to this question:

HARWOOD: When you talk to voters, how do you convince them to trust you as a relatively inexperienced person on the national stage, that they can entrust this economy and their savings to you?

OBAMA: Well, a couple of things. I think if you--if you look this week, I was in constant communication with Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke; my economic advisers which include Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve Board chairman; Bob Rubin, former Treasury secretary; Warren Buffet, who I think everybody feels knows the economy pretty well. And I think if you talk to those folks, they would say this guy knows what he's talking about and, most importantly, he knows how to put together a team of people that know what they're talking about and has the ability to bring them together to ask the right questions and find solutions.

9/22/08 President Bush on Monday morning urged legislators to resist the temptation to add provisions that, he said, “would undermine the effectiveness of the plan.”

9/23/08 Key Economic Advisor to Barack Obama, Warren Buffett invests $5 BILLION in Goldman Sachs, one of the only two Wall Street Investment Banks remaining after the financial wreckage of the past year.

9/23/08 Former Goldman Sachs CEO and current Bush appointed Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson says, It would be 'a grave mistake' for Congress to delay or curtail the $700 billion he requested to buy troubled assets to stabilize the financial system.

9/24/08 Bush appointed Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke warns of 'bleak result' if Congress balks.

9/24/08 John McCain and Barack Obama issued a joint statement on Wednesday urging lawmakers to cooperate and reach a U.S. economic bailout agreement to avoid "economic catastrophe". Obama said in a statement he issued on his own that both he and McCain agreed that the bailout must be passed without any other measures attached.

9/24/08 Key Economic Advisor to Barack Obama, Warren Buffett says, Congress should "Act on bailout or face 'Economic Pearl Harbor'.

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