Obama, Pelosi & Reid along with the other Traitorous Hypocrites say 'To Hell With The People', We're Going Nuclear

President Obama to Say Democrats Will Use Reconciliation to Pass Senate Health Care Reform Fix

Here is Obama, Pelosi, Reid and many many other socialist/democrats back in 2005 railing against the Bush Administration for contemplating using reconciliation or what they termed "The Nuclear Option".

Obama called the process "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" and said that it would change the character of the Senate forever. He went on to say that this would be against what the Founders intended.

Sen. Biden called this process a "naked power grab" and warned the Republicans that they wouldn't always have a majority.

Sen. Baucus, "This is the way a Democracy ends..."

And as is the usual now, the democrats/socialists (and their media minions) many of whom were in this video, say that this didn't really happen in the same context. They argue what they were protesting is different that what they are proposing doing today.

Putting aside the complex senatorial procedural protocols away for just a minute, the democrats here are simply trying to use a 51 vote majority in The U.S. Senate chambers to enact brand new legislation.

There it is. The Republicans used reconciliation to amend budgetary items inside legislation already enacted (which had to be passed originally with 60 votes).

This blatant power-grab against the will of the majority of Americans united against ObamaCare is shocking. Especially only 45 days from when Scott Brown was elected into Teddy Kennedy's Massachusetts seat, by saying that he would represent the 41st vote to kill ObamaCare.

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