You Must Act Now - THIS IS URGENT!

The U.S. Government has allowed Treasury Secretary Paulson to hijack The United States of America - without one single bullet being fired. Hank Paulson is now the new dictator of America. George W. Bush might have the title of President of The United States, but the great folks down at FedEx/Kinko's are busily changing his business cards to read:

George W. Bush
Paulson's Bitch (and president)
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC

Speaking of bitches, have you seen Ben Bernanke around lately?! You know why you haven't seen that little punk ass around? BECAUSE HE DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. And he's off hiding with Greenspan hoping the mobs don't come after them.

Oh and Pelosi and Reid are just about worthless as hell too. MEMO TO HARRY REID: PELOSI HAS MORE BALLS THAN YOU - YOU ARE A WHINY PATHETIC LITTLE BITCH - F'IN GROW A PAIR. Also, I have an idea - How about you two sons of bitches doing something more in 2008 than holding hearings on nutritional standards for domestic parakeets.

Paulson has usurped Bernanke+Bush+Pelosi+Reid+AmericanPeople+TheConstitution all in one fell swoop. He calls the shots now.

However, possibly our only saving grace is that this super-neat new resolution trust type socialist devil-spawned corporation that Paulson proposes REQUIRES congressional approval before it can be implemented.

If you don't have a clue and want information on how America has been transformed into a SOCIALIST state, you'd do well to check out the blogs to the right. With the most important one being here.

Read Karl Denningers site, watch his videos (which are on YouTube btw).


Here's where you can get all the contact information for those people.

"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money,
first by inflation and then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will
grow up around them (around the banks),
will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered."
Thomas Jefferson


Anonymous said...

Capitalism in the US is a sham. This bailout is a disgrace. Paulson is robbing the taxpayers to line the pockets of his buddies. Interesting to know if there is any interest Paulson is still holding in those investment banks.

Anonymous said...

I would replace the word implemented above with the word impaled!

bitterrenter said...

If you voted republican over the last 30 years you have only yourselves to blame.

Now enjoy your reaming and STFU.

Anonymous said...


NOW U. S. TAXPAYERS "On Hook for Goldman and Morgan Toxic Paper AND SWAPS"!

By Side Door FDIC Entry?
No Legal Notice.
No U.S. Congressional Approval.
No Federal Banking Agencies Audits of Books?
No Process... Just A Future Taxpayer Liability Coup D'etat?
No Vote by Americans?


Anonymous said...

Its not voting Republican or Dem or Independant - its how you lived.
Did you:
1. live beyond your means?
2. lie on any loan application(s)?
3. buy a house knowing that its value was overstated but didn't care because you felt you could sell or refi before the loan reset?
4. sell a home for more than 3-4 per cent annual appreciation so you could "cash-out" and move to Montana?
6. drive up home prices knowing that your commission level depended on an ever-increasing overvalued market?
7. sell or write home loans approved for marginal applicants just so you could collect a commission?
8. rated agency paper as AAA when just a little investigation would show that the value of this paper was close to zero?
9. shorted the stock market because gambling in Vegas is a 5-hour drive away and gambling in the market is so much easier?
10. bought into a hedge fund?

The only people who are not to blame for this are renters and homeowners who lived within or below their means, paid/pay off their bills on time, and who have saved their earnings. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Paulson doesn't know what he's doing! 2 weeks ago he said no bailouts! And now he's changed his mind! What a shame that our financial markets dependent on such an incompetent guy. Bush is the worst president ever!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at how the monetary system functions. Tax payers are on the hook with or without government intervention. It's the sad but true reality of a system setup to fail. The value of your dollar is only as good as the strength of the economy in which it is owed. After all, it is only a "debt note".


Anonymous said...

It's OUTRAGEOUS beyond words. This country is FINISHED. Speaking of bail-outrs: time to pack it up and leave!.

Anonymous said...

Paulson want to spend $700b of taxpayers money to save his buddies at Goldman. Goldman was tanking and then he steps in to do this after he previously said no more bail outs. Did anyone notice that he was not so kind while Lehman was tanking. Do not re-elect anyone in Congress that approve this load of crap.

Anonymous said...

Check out this site


Anonymous said...

Paulson has not usurped Bush like you say. Bush is Paulson's boss and has the authority to tell him NO BAILOUT. The buck stops with the President so Bush ultimately shoulders much of the blame.

El Scorcho said...

No I agree. Bush does shoulder a lot of the blame - but then so do the leaders of the Democratic Party (Pelosi & Reid) if they rubberstamp this bill through Congress.

These two individuals have the ultimate power to stop this insanity.

Bush is worthless, as he has abdicated his responsibilities to Paulson.

pop goes the wesal said...

so the markets were up after hearing about the proposed bailout, then on Monday the price of gas shoot to the sky, the asians markets start tanking tuesday after our markets tanked on monday. so what is the point of a bailout. it doesn't look like it is saving Wall Street at all. Plus American taxpayers will be on the hook for foreign banks (wtf) perhaps there should be no bailout, clean out this mess through tough love and start from scratch. Right now no one wants to be caught without a chair when the music stops. Well someone is gonna be stuck without a chair regardless. This is a mess, mess, mess and no one knows how to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Shame on these people. Capitalists by convenience...even Hugo Chavez called him Comrade Bush yesterday

Anonymous said...

"$700B at a time' sic says
proposed bill. Any reviews by
courts? Progress reports to
Will banks lend to each other>?
at what rates?