The Super Tuesday 100 Yard Dash.

Super Tuesday was important to watch because of the obvious ramifications for the future of our country. Twenty four states went to the polls to decide who might become the nominee for each of the two completely identical political parties.

The drama unfolding between The Crying Game Liberal (double-pun intended) vs. The 1981 Cocaine Salesman of the Year Liberal for the Democratic nomination was riveting to watch until my laser-beam-like focused attention was snared by that Nun on that Channel reading a poem.

Likewise, the heated Republican contest between Republican-In-Name-Only "Proud Reagan Pen Owner" Economic Moron Liberal vs. That wealthy NorEastern Governor Liberal who happens to be "The True Reagan Conservative" vs. Rush Limbaugh's favorite: God's Warrior aka The Snake-oil Selling, Guitar Picking, Cross Levitating, "True Reagan Conservative"...and by True Reagan Conservative here, I really mean "True Jimmy Carter Liberal". It has been fascinating on many levels.

But just like a lot of folk enjoy watching the Super Bowl commercials more than the actual Super Bowl game; it's the same for me during Super Tuesday in watching the 100 yard dash of political coverage.

The race to project the winner of a particular state before that other rival alphabet news organization does, is apparently, of great importance.

Is there an actual prize one gets when they project out a winner before the others?! Is it some sort of prestigious claim for CNN to call a winner of a state with say less than 10% reporting? How about NBC calling it for a candidate with only 5% or even 1% reporting? I Raise. Hows about less than 1%? Bwahahahahaha! That couldn't even happen, right?

Yeah it could. Tonight while watching Fox News that's exactly what happened. Fox News called the New York Republican Race for John McCain with less than 1% reporting. Vote tally was at 750; I'll write it out like a check for clarity. (Seven hundred and fifty votes) Not 750,000 votes, not even 7,500 votes.

To give you a greater perspective... Just about the number of kooks being released from New York State mental wards in a given day, seven hundred and fifty.


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You a funny man.